How I Became an “Evil Step Mom”

Hello Everyone, I’m Beth. I’m a step-mom and a wife. If you would’ve told me just three years ago that I would be a step mom raising two children and married I would have laughed in your face.

In 2014 I had been single for three years living every young person’s dream of traveling around from Europe to the Bahamas, to Nashville and all around the United States. I had an excellent job as a Manager of multiple funeral firms in Kentucky and was living the life. I had started fresh in Kentucky in 2012 and was loving life. I dated but never anything successful or anything I would say was a relationship.

In October 2015 I received a call from my hometown with an unbelievable job offer, needless to say I took it and was confident that I would never meet anyone in my hometown. I thought I was doomed and had accepted I wouldn’t marry.

Low and behold in February 2015 I met my husband after only being back 6 weeks. He was a catch, a man every girl wanted back in my younger years and recently divorced… Lucky me! Or so I thought. I never imagined the type of turmoil that comes with being the new girlfriend to a man who has two children.

The children were great. I loved them immediately. I did not meet them until about 2 months in of dating because my husband and I wanted to ease them into slowly. My husbands ex wife, whom he was married to for 7 years had cheated was now with her female friend in a relationship. I thought my relationship with my husband would be a piece of cake, because she had clearly moved on…. or so it seemed.

In this blog I will continue to have entries regarding the unbelievable things I go through as a step mom to my two step sons. The harassment, the sleepless nights, the struggles, but also the unbelievable love I have for these boys and how I will go to the ends of the Earth for them.

I searched and searched for advice over the past two years of things I have gone through. I wanted to find situations I could relate too and found it hard. I hope to provide support for other women like me.